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"Ali managed to be both friendly and professional, making me feel very comfortable, and clearly explaining the process before we started. I must say that hypnotherapy was not what I thought it would be like, but it has been very successful. One year on, and although I have had a handful of cigarettes in that time, I have also bought tobacco, and been able to throw it in the bin! Unknown. Through all of that I remain a non smoker."

Marc | Former Smoker

"Finding hypnotherapy has completely transformed my life. Through her intelligent and compassionate sessions, Alison has given me the tools to overcome mental blocks and begin to live a truly happy life."

Angelika | Artist

"When I came to Alison I was feeling pretty awful. I was drinking WAY too much fizzy juice. The hypnotherapy has been amazing. I haven't had one can since I last saw her 3 months ago - and I'm finding it easier to say no when offered!"

George | Former soft drink addict

“I am an habitual scratcher having suffered from eczema for the majority of my life, and this is why I approached Alison. Her calm and genial approach put me at ease and I found myself relaxed in her company even before the session began. During the session I found myself more physically relaxed than I have been in a long while. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Alison which will help me take control.”

Isla | Designer

I was quite sceptical that hypnotherapy would deliver results where not much else had. Alison's background in nursing reassured me. Here I am all this time later still a non smoker!

David | Former Smoker

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